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navadurga online course

A 9-chapter course to guide you step by step through the odissi Navadurga choreography at your own pace, and from the comfort of your own home.

Navadurga is a 12-minute abhinaya composed by Guru Pankaj Charan Das and dedicated to Goddess Durga and her many aspects. It is a devotional piece celebrating the enlightened and powerful feminine energy. Navadurga captures the hearts of seasoned and novice audiences alike, and is a choice part of every dancer's repertoire. I've been performing and teaching this choreography for the last 13 years, and I'm now happy to bring it to you through this on-demand course.

With this offering, I've tried to give maximum flexibility and accessibility to dancers all over the world, while maintaining authenticity and value. Even if we don't share the same time zone or have different schedules, we can now walk the odissi path together! Let's dance!

What's included

  • Choreography presentation (context, lineage, music, taal, rasas...)
  • Step-by-step choreography break-down in 8 video classes
  • Video of each segment with slowed music
  • 1 full choreography video with music
  • Lyrics with translation, taal explanation
  • Unlimited-acces to the course
  • Possibility of submitting your own video for personalized corrections at the end


  • Sitting practice for abhinaya and mudras
  • Pre-performance Durga meditation

Who can sign-up?

This course is ideal for an in-depth review of dance for those who already know it, or for a step-by-step study for those who want to learn it from scratch. Dancers with at least 2 years' experience, who have learned the basic steps and 2 choreographies, can sign-up. Please reach out if you're not sure if this course is for you.

Please note: after you complete the course, you'll get the option of submitting your practice video to get personnal corrections, full hd music and encouragement to perform.

Full music will be sent only under that condition to preserve good level of transmission.

Navadurga Online course

120 €

  • Unlimitted access to the course and all material
  • Personnal support by e-mail and messages from me

About me

Chloé Shanti, odissi dancer

Odissi dancer for 20 years, yoga teacher and personal coach, I want to inspire and encourage dancers to be the best version of themselves! I'm passionate about the human body and firmly believe in a dance practice that fosters self-respect and well-being.

I teach online odissi classes to dancers from all over the world who aspire to continue learning and improving from home, thanks to an approach that is both innovative and respectful of Indian tradition.

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